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Meet Maiya

Hello friends!! I’m Maiya (like the month of May) and I’m so happy you’re here!! 

I’m a year-round ocean swimmer, Tacofino lover, Birkenstock/Blundstone girl, and I will always say yes to hiking a mountain, running into an ocean, or wandering through a forest! I’m a champ at all you can eat sushi and I’ve watched Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and Criminal Minds an embarrassing number of times.  

Weddings and elopements are incredibly important to me because they are such a celebration of life and love. My goal going into every wedding is to photograph it with heart. To make you feel as comfortable as possible, and to tell your story in a way that you can look back and go, “that photo reminds me of exactly how that felt”.  

I’m here for the couples who want to find somewhere epic to take photos, laugh until their stomachs hurt, run around in forests, snuggle into each other, and get their toes sandy on the beach. So let’s go dream up your adventure!

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