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Meet Jordyn

Hey! I'm Jordyn, an adventure seeking, coffee loving, dog petting, dad-joke making photographer based out of the Fraser Valley! 


I'm not the type of photographer who puts you in stiff, cookie-cutter, robotic poses. I'm here to capture those epic belly laughs, the way you melt and find comfort in each other's arms, and your joy as you adventure through life together! Although I wouldn't say I "pose" you, I am all about giving you directions to pull out and show off your personalities. There will be moments where I take a step back and let things naturally unfold, but all you need to worry about is being madly in love with each other and I'll handle the rest!


I want your photos to be a reflection of you and your love which is one of the reasons I'm a HUGE fan of elopements. There's an intimacy and freedom that you can't replicate anywhere else and it shines through so beautifully in your images.  


So if you're down to adventure, dance, and laugh your way through your day, then let's chat! 

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