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Meet Emily

Hello! I'm Emily and I'm the founder of the VEC. I started this collective as a way of celebrating the magic of my favourite kind of wedding; the elopement. 

Elopements and intimate weddings are so special. I LOVE what I do and I feel so incredibly lucky every time a couple chooses me to document their day.


About my work, I love candid moments, laughing way too much and combining beautiful moments with beautiful scenery. I really love the act of documenting, so my goal for myself is to capture all of the moments of your wedding, with the moments big and small.

A little bit about me, I'm honestly a little bit of a geek (in the best way possible I think..?). I live in a hundred year old building that I love to bits with my husband and our cat. When I'm not drinking tea, editing photos, or rewatching The Office, I love to try new hobbies or explore new places. 

If you like my work and find that it resonates with you, I would love to hear from you! Let's get started!

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