Meet Megan

My name is Megan and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in Vancouver. I started my camera journey by going to film school due to an obsession with Lord of the Rings.  After several years in my program and a summer spent running around as a lumberjack mascot, I realized my true passion lies within photography.


My goal is to create unique, emotion filled images while keeping shoots relaxed and fun. I want to capture not only what’s happening on the outside but all the magic that lies beneath the surface. I feel equal amounts of passion about shooting a tender, quiet moment between lovers as I do one of them throwing their heads back laughing.

I am a big fan of all animals, comedy, travelling, playing games, yoga and flailing around at a good dance party. I believe in living slowly and intentionally, and am always seeking out experiences that connect me to the beauty in the world and the people within it.

So excited to be working on this with you!